You can have issues with his personality but you can never question his talent.  Self acclaimed African Giant, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu better known as Burna Boy can be arrogant sometimes. His arrogance might stem from the fact that he believes that he notches higher than his contemporaries per talent and skill. This is the major reason fan love and hate Burna Boy at the same time.

From the outset the talent has always been there for Burna Boy, however, the former Aristokrat Records artiste has always had his demons getting the better of him. He has a long record of controversies and questionable character display. At some point, he was allegedly blacklisted by shows promoters for his arrogance.

The ‘Like To Party‘ crooner had often failed to show up at interviews and also sabotaged the few he managed to show up for, he recently walked out on his father and grandfather during an interview. He has often acted a bully on several occasions, the incident when he assaulted Mr 2Kay at Eko Hotel still remains fresh in our memories. At one point in his career when he seemed to be losing his sh*t he fired his mum as his manager. This was Burna Boy before the ‘Outside‘ album. 

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A new PR team and new handlers may have managed to launder his sullied image for more affability. They are still trying to manage his brand even though Burna can’t avoid to be in the news for some wrong reasons. 

Post ‘Outside’, Burna seems to keep his demons on a short leash but yet sometimes they come outside to play. 

These days he tweets up a storm on Twitter to rile up the social media space from time to time. One such episode was his threat to lay his hands on South African rapper AKA during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa last year. It got so bad South Africans protested his appearance for a concert he was billed to perform in the country.  

Without a care in the world, he got many Nigerians angry when he said no one paved the way for him as far as music is concerned. You could feel the arrogance in his tweets. He also spited Davido when he remotely alluded that the latter’s success in music was bought by his father’s affluence

The self-proclaimed African Giant has often declared himself the best Nigerian artiste at the moment, a proclamation which does not sit well with fans of other Nigerian music stars like Wizkid, Davido etc. These and many more instances made a friend refer to the musician as a ‘loud prick’, a sentiment many people share.

It suffices to say that Burna Boy has been drafted in the bad book of aggrieved music fans across Nigeria and South Africa but he always survives all probable ‘cancellation’ by the fans. We get to disown him today and tomorrow we quickly reconcile differences when he makes us proud. 

The cold beef between Burna and music fans in South Africa ended unceremoniously after the official release of Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’ remix. He was able to win disgruntled fans over to his side again with his first utterance of Zulu on the ‘Jerusalema’ remix. 

South Africans suddenly forgot this is the man they had antagonized some months back for speaking up against xenophobia. The very man who promised to deal with his most frequent South African collaborator AKA.

History speaks well of him when it comes to having a smooth working relationship with South African artistes. These collaborations are a testament of how much he is held in high esteem in South Africa, Burna Boy featuring AKA, Kid X and Da L.E.S – BirthdayDa L.E.S featuring AKA & Burna Boy – P.A.I.DAKA featuring Burna Boy, Khuli Chana, Yanga – BaddestSarkodie featuring Burna Boy & AKA – Special Someone and AKA ft. Burna Boy, Da L.E.S., JR – All Eyes on Me

Burna Boy did justice on ‘Jerusalema’ remix and at the moment that is all that matters. Nigerians couldn’t be more prouder of our rebellious yet talented African Giant, he repped the ‘green white green’ flag to the high heavens. He has been killing it on every international feature he has graced.

Honestly in the past two years Damini Ogulu has moved quite ahead of heavyweights like Davido and Wizkid. His capacity is finally shining through for all to see. Sometimes we don’t like the way he handles his personal affairs with his affinity for controversies but sometimes you separate the art from the artiste to make unbiased judgement. 

We hate the fact that we get to bash Burna on Twitter and then return to playing his music in our closets. We hate to see him declare himself as the best thing after Fela Kuti, but deep down we know he is better than our favourite artistes. 

This year he came really close to picking up the revered Grammy Award for his album and some of us couldn’t stomach that fact. Many times we want to trash his talent and giant strides because of his bad behaviour. 

More often than not Burna Boy is the artiste we love to hate. Once again he has awakened our odd love for his arts even though we loathe his persona. 

The sporadic hate for Burna Boy would be his nonconformist lifestyle because he can’t be boxed into a frame. Really Nigerians don’t hate the ‘Ye’ crooner, it is just a case of tough love.

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