There is a famous Nigeria adage “every day for the thief; one day for the owner of the house is a perfect representation of Hushpuppi’s story with Interpol.”

The arrest of Hushpuppi by Interpol is global news, and in the past few days, Hushpuppi has been trending on various social media platforms.

one mistake that led hushpuppi to fbi

Hushpuppi lived an enviable lifestyle on social media, flaunting the latest cars, buying Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, and every designer you could think of. So many youths got depressed because they wished they could enjoy the luxury Huspuppi was enjoying.

Hushpuppi and many Internet fraudsters have been on the radar of the FBI. Very soon, more yahoo boys will be arrested and prosecuted. It only takes one mistake, just like Hushpuppi to get nailed by one of the most intelligent Law Enforcement Agency in the world.

FBI was planning Hushpuppi’s arrest a long time ago, but they were patiently waiting for concrete evidence, and just a minor mistake sold Huspuppi and his friends out.

Hushpuppi posted online a screenshot of 300,000 naira credit alert on his Gtbank account with a strange email address. The email address was registered with the name

This was where he made his mistake in 2007, and immediately, the social engineers that work with the FBI started tracing this email address using virtual emails registry, anonymous identity checker, and mappings to find out who the owner was.

These findings further revealed that this email was connected directly to a Facebook account Jane Woodscrane. And the email address was precisely the same email under investigation by the FBI used for internet fraud.

s it stands, the FBI is going all out to arrest Internet fraudsters in Nigeria, and daily they are monitoring so high profiled yahoo boys.

All they are waiting for is just a mistake that they would use to nail anyone involved in an Internet scam.

This article is a warning to anyone involved in Internet Fraud to stop now.

When you’re caught, you won’t have anywhere to run to.

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